Within the next two weeks, we will be discontinuing the 10 free monthly credits for free Crystal accounts. If you are a paid customer of Crystal, nothing changes for you.

For new accounts, you'll still be able to test our personality predictions using the Chrome extension, but will be limited to five free profiles. When these five profiles have elapsed, you will need to upgrade your account to the Outreach plan ($29/mo) to view personality predictions.

In addition to discontinuing monthly credit refreshes, free accounts will also no longer be able to access our various report types (relationship, group, or chemistry). In the near future, we'll be introducing a way to purchase predicted profiles and reports on-demand (and also through a subscription).

Why are we making these changes?
We are making these changes because we are dramatically improving the content in our profiles and reports. For example, we now offer full personality reports (see example) compared to the current profiles that can fit on a single page.

These reports provide a significant amount of value to an organization, and we need to charge according to the value that they deliver.

Our free product will now provide access to the following features:

  • Free DISC assessment
  • Basic personality profile
  • Ability to invite others and see personality profiles
  • Ability to see coworker's personality profiles
  • Access to our personality resources/guides
  • Access for up to 5 predicted profiles using the Chrome extension

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at [email protected].