You have one chance to make a great impression with a new prospect, increasing the probability of moving that lead onto the opportunity stage.

Chemistry between personalities may seem like it’s up to fate, but decades of personality data helps us understand how we can bridge the gap between differing personalities, leading to:

  • Shared understanding of goals and motivations,
  • Increased rapport and trust between you and your prospect,
  • And ultimately, more successful calls that drive pipeline.

You may know this as perspective-taking, or the ability to understand a situation from someone else’s perspective. Perspective-taking reduces conflict and confusion, leading to more successful outcomes for everyone involved.

Personality insights from Crystal help our customers understand what motivates and frustrates their prospects, before they even get on the phone. Sales reps use Crystal to plan calls that speak in the language of their customers, resulting in more trusting, successful calls and relationships.

In this guide, we’ll walk through tips on speaking your prospects’ language based on their personality, driving more effective conversations and better first impressions. To start gaining insight into your own prospects’ personalities and have better calls today, sign up or log onto Crystal.


Making a great impression on personalities that fall in the northwest area of the personality map (D personalities)
Personalities in the northwest area of the personality map care about control and results. They prefer to shape the world around them, and tend towards autonomy. In conversations with them, let them drive, be direct, and focus on the “what.”

  • Greet them quickly and acknowledge their goals immediately.
  • Be aware of their need for control, so let them drive the conversation.
  • Acknowledge when you don’t know the answer to a question, and have a plan for finding it out.

Making a great impression on northeast personalities (I personalities)
Personalities in the northeast area of the map also seek to exercise control in their interactions, but they care more about being involved with people than those in the northwest do. Northeastern personalities seek affiliation with others and enjoy shaping the world around them. In conversations with them, be enthusiastic, action-oriented, and collaborative.

  • Bring your energy A-game to the conversation, and use body language to show you’re happy to meet them.
  • Being more informal with these people is OK.
  • Allow time in the conversation for them to verbalize thoughts and feelings.
  • Focus on what is most exciting for them, and build rapport by sharing what’s most exciting to you.

Making a great impression on southeast personalities (S personalities)
Personalities in the southeast area of the map care about being involved with other people, and they also easily adapt to the world around them. They seek stability, structure, and affiliation with others. In conversations with them, be friendly, consistent, and collaborative.

  • Open your conversation warmly and genuinely, and take your time in the introductions.
  • Ask open-ended questions to find out what’s most important to them.
  • Follow a step-by-step, structured presentation process, but stop to let them ask questions.
  • Provide informational resources they can use if they have further questions after the call.

Making a great impression on southwest personalities (C personalities)
Personalities in the southwest quadrant prefer to maintain distance in their interactions, but they are comfortable adapting to others. They seek stability and autonomy. In conversations with them, be objective, consistent, and logical.

  • Greet them in a professional, business-like manner, and follow their lead on how formal the rest of the conversation should be.
  • These are often private people, so expect resistance when you ask them for information -- until they know how it will be used.
  • Pay attention to their reasoning process, as this information will help you move forward.
  • Use logical, matter-of-fact statements, instead of emotional ones.

How do I identify my prospect’s personality?
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