Overview: our free plan now includes a limited number of views per month. Unlimited access to personality profiles for people outside your company is now $29/mo (instead of $49/mo), and we launched a company-wide plan.

Please note: your monthly payment will not change if you previously subscribed to the Professional plan ($19/mo). You've been upgraded to the Outreach plan ($29/mo) at no additional cost.

Why are we changing our pricing?

Over the past few years, our customers have used Crystal’s personality insights for lots of different purposes - management, sales, recruiting, HR, leadership, and more.

With such a wide spectrum of users, we realized that our pricing structure didn't fit quite right. After getting feedback from many of you, and figuring out exactly who values which features, we made the following update...


Our free plan allowed you to see a short-snippet of anyone’s profile on our website or through the Chrome extension. If you viewed a coworker (who signed up with the same @company.com email address), you could see their full profile and relationship report for free.

In addition, we had premium plans based on your usage. For more casual users, we offered a $19/mo plan which included up to 20 full profiles/month. For $49/mo, our Expert plan gave unlimited access to personality profiles as well as our relationship, group, and meeting reports.


Free Plan

For individuals on our free plan, you will now be able to see full personality profiles, relationship reports, and email coaching for up to ten individuals per month on our website and when browsing LinkedIn. These “credits” reset at the beginning of the month. The bad news is that the personality snippets will no longer be available, but the good news is that you can see the entire profile instead.

If you are part of a company, you can still view a coworker’s profile for free. These are not counted as one of your ten free profiles.

In addition, you will get unlimited access to our new style-check feature in Gmail (coming soon).

This brand-new feature will allow you to select a tone for your email (friendly, direct, etc.) and access “spell check” type personality insights as you write your email. It's like getting access to Crystal recommendations, but it's based on your observation. If you'd like Crystal insights automatically, you'll need to upgrade to the Outreach plan.

Outreach Plan

Our new Outreach plan ($29/mo) gives you unlimited access to personality insights on our website and in our Chrome extension for people outside your company. This includes the ability to see personality insights on LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Gmail. If you’re in sales, business development, or recruiting, this plan is for you.

If you had a Professional account before, you have automatically been upgraded to this level of access at no additional cost. Enjoy unlimited access to personality insights!

Company Plans

We’re introducing a new plan focused on improving internal communication. Our company plan offers the ability to see unlimited personality profiles, relationship reports, and group reports for people inside your company.

This also includes the ability to see personality insights in Gmail for coworkers. We’ll be introducing new features for company administrators in the near future, so stay tuned!

What about the Expert plan?

If you are a current customer on the Expert plan, you will still receive unlimited access to personality profiles and reports for people inside (and outside) your company. Nothing will change for you. If you decide that the Outreach plan makes more sense for you, please reach out to us, we'd be happy to switch you over.