The Di/Id Personality

How to identify an Di/Id

Natural behavior

Di/Id's are highly assertive people who, depending on the circumstance, are capable of being direct and dynamic or charming and amiable. These individuals establish clear goals and have a strong commitment to achievement and follow-through. They work to maintain dominance and control, both in personal matters and social settings. Not only do they want to feel respect from their partners and colleagues, but they want to know they are genuinely liked, as well.


People who fall into the Di/Id category are outgoing and talkative, with well-developed social skills. While they have the potential to be incredibly charming, sometimes their behavior can come across as more demanding -- especially if they find themselves under a great deal of pressure.

Communicating with a Di/Id

In person or on the phone

  • Project your voice and speak confidently.
  • Give your key points while avoiding too many details.
  • Use a warm, inviting tone that helps put them at ease.

In writing

  • Take a casual approach, and incorporate expressive language.
  • Write in a way that feels less formal and more familiar.
  • Use a relaxed greeting (example: "Andrew," rather than "Hi Andrew,").
  • Define the purpose of an email in the first sentence.

Working with a Di/Id


Di/Id's are motivated by achievement, success, and recognition. For this reason, they welcome projects and tasks that others may view as overwhelming or too challenging, and they exhibit a distinct energy and enthusiasm for their work.

As a Leader

In leadership roles, Di/Id's are skilled in their ability to think and respond very quickly. There is an ease in the way they adapt to new challenges, and they know how to use assertiveness and persuasion to their benefit. They will set definite goals, and will motivate their team to work hard and see that their objectives are achieved.

Although they have a strong desire to well-liked, Di/Id's are not afraid to exert their power and confront others in the workplace. They will address issues with a direct approach, rather than being passive or evasive with their concerns.

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