The Ic/Ci Personality Type

How to identify a Ic/Ci

Natural behavior

A person with the Ic or Ci personality type is excited by new ideas and usually very open to new people. They love engaging in thoughtful discussion, and tend to have a collection of many deep interests.

Ic/Ci's also make connections more quickly than most - they enjoy finding mutual friends between two people that don't know each other and making links between two separate ideas. They are problem solvers with a big appetite for change and little tolerance for routine.


Ic/Ci's are usually outgoing and talkative, but prefer in-depth conversations about complex ideas over small talk. At times, they can lose track of time in a discussion and may be unaware that the other (perhaps more impatient) person would like to bring it to a conclusion.

Communicating with a Ic/Ci

In person or on the phone

  • Speak quickly with high energy.
  • Talk about new ideas and abstract philosophies.
  • Interrupt when they go on a tangent.
  • Call without asking via email or text.

In writing

  • Use an informal greeting (example: "Hey Bobby,").
  • Include all relevant information and attachments.
  • Use bulleted lists and external data.
  • Use friendly, expressive language to describe feelings and ideas.

Working with an Ic/Ci


Ic/Ci's care sincerely about what others think of them and also strive to be correct, often changing their mind when new information is available. They are primarily driven to discover new, exciting things and quickly become bored with too much structure and routine.

As a Leader

Ic/Ci's are excellent problem solvers, which helps them lead inventive and innovative teams. While they pursue big new ideas and experiments, they might ignore the need for clarity and structure, which can create chaos as their team grows. To scale up effectively, a Ic/Ci must set up clear limits and deadlines, and recognize that creativity often emerges from those limits.

Under Stress

Under stress, Ic/Ci's may bounce around between ideas without fully committing to any one of them. They also have a tendency to think out loud, which can lead to long debates that go in circles and never arrive at a clear conclusion.

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