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Give your team a coach for every conversation, so they can communicate better, have more effective meetings, and experience less conflict.

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The all-in-one platform for personality assessments and communication coaching.

Create, view, and manage personality profiles in one place

Crystal allows you to invite your whole company to take a professional behavioral assessment and create their own personality profiles.

Our assessment is based on DISC, Interpersonal Circumplex, and the Five Factor Model of personality.

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Raise the emotional intelligence of your whole company

The Crystal dashboard gives your team access to every employee's detailed personality profile, like a GPS for navigating their working relationships.

Profiles evolve to become more accurate over time with self-assessments, ongoing feedback, and peer insights.

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Personalized coaching for one-on-one relationships

Chemistry reports provide relationship insights and recommendations for two coworkers, based on their unique personality dynamices.

You can use chemistry reports to become a better leader, resolve conflict, and manage stressful situations with ease.

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Make meetings more effective and enjoyable

Crystal syncs with both Google and Outlook Calendars to generate a communication guide before every meeting.

With information about important behavioral differences and role preferences, coworkers can quickly adapt to each other and eliminate unproductive meetings.

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Crystal is free to use with your friends and connections.

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