The Ds/Sd Personality Type

How to identify a Ds/Sd

Natural behavior

A person with the "Ds" or "Sd" personality type appreciates structure and routine, but tends to be direct and assertive when it comes to making decisions. They are natural leaders that prefer to have control over a situation but balance their competitive spirit with fairness, loyalty, and support for their close peers.


Someone with this personality type will usually have a reserved demeanor, but will speak confidently and articulately when asked a direct question. They also tend to focus on results and end goals in conversation, rather than details or analysis.

Communicating with a Ds/Sd

In person or on the phone

  • Project your voice and speak with a confident tone.
  • Ask direct questions.
  • Present ideas at a high level without going into detail.
  • Use clear, direct sentences rather than long expressive ones.
  • If you're calling them on the phone, first ask if they are available via email or text.

In writing

  • Limit an email to three sentences or less.
  • State the purpose of an email in the first sentence.
  • Include a direct call-to-action.
  • If you don't know them, include a brief introduction to build trust.

Working with a Ds/Sd


Someone with the Ds or Sd personality type places a high value on results, stability, and fairness. They are typically much more comfortable with a predictable routine than the unknown, and prefer to build trust with a small group of close friends rather than a large one.

As a Leader

Ds/Sd's are strong, fair decision makers and can be excellent managers. Their natural ability to balance between results and empathy helps them play the role of a coach effectively, supporting people but also holding them accountable to their responsibilities.

Ds/Sd's lead very well within an existing structure, but may struggle in a more chaotic environment that requires flexibility and/or risk-taking.

Under Stress

Under stress, Ds/Sd's can become controlling and at times impatient, and may close off to new ideas instead of exploring new ones. They may need the assistance of an I or C to help find new solutions to difficult problems.

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