"Without Crystal, I'm flying blind."

Crystal predicts the personalities of your prospects and customers, so you can send more effective emails, be persuasive in meetings, and accelerate trust.

Gmail Coach
Hi Elon, I would love to come by the office.
Instead of I would love to, use action-oriented language like I canlet's, or I will.

Elon Musk

DISC type: Dc
Elon's personality

When speaking to Elon

Be blunt and logical
Cut to the chase
Project confidence

To convince Elon

Avoid too much hype
Be persistent
Create urgency

Improve the success rate of your cold outreach

Crystal helps you communicate more effectively with prospects by giving you access to personality predictions while browsing social media profiles.


Stop flying blind in your sales meetings.

Crystal provides personality insights before your meetings so you can adjust to each person’s unique communication style.


How to work with Elon Musk

Ask tough questions
Take careful notes
Leave time for analysis
see elon's profile

Elon may ignore the details when the more analytical Bill describes a situation, which may frustrate Bill and/or cause misunderstandings.


Get yourself into the right conversations.

Crystal gives you ongoing insight into the personalities of every prospect and customer, so you can understand which personality types you are most likely to have a successful conversation with.

Understand your customers