Psychology @ Work


Personality Neuroscience #6: The biological causes of Conscientiousness

Conscientiousness is the best psychological predictor of career success, health, and longevity after intelligence.


Personality Neuroscience #5: The biological causes of Openness

Working memory ability is a major contributor to your level of openness and intellect.


Personality Neuroscience #4: The Big Five personality traits

Learn the about the most well-validated model for the scientific study of personality.


Personality Neuroscience #3: Goals & methods

Advances in brain scanning technology and molecular genetics reveal the underlying biological causes of personality differences.


Personality Neuroscience #2: 2,600+ years of personality theory

A brief overview of personality models, from Hippocrates and Aristotle through today.


Are personality differences real? An introduction to personality neuroscience.

How we can answer some of the most fundamental questions people can ask themselves.


Every leader has blind spots… I just found some scary ones of my own.

I surveyed by team anonymously to measure my emotional competence - these are the results.


Crystal's 4 Relationship Principles

The ideas on which we have built our technology, so you can build stronger, more enjoyable, more effective relationships.

Sales Psychology Series Part II: Making A Great First Impression

You have one chance to make a great impression with a new prospect, increasing the probability of moving that lead onto the opportunity stage. Chemistry between personalities may seem like it’s up to fate, but decades of personality data helps us understand how we can bridge the gap between

Crystal + Khorus Partnership

We are excited to announce our partnership with Khorus! Khorus gives teams a powerful system to help them align goals, engage employees, and predict performance. Constant cooperation and communication are necessities, so “adding Crystal insights into employee profiles was a no-brainer.” Now Khorus users can go to anyone's profile and