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Sales Psychology Series Part I: Tailoring Outreach Emails

How to tailor cold emails for maximum impact When you’re writing a cold outreach email, your task may seem simple -- but it can actually be very difficult. Response rates are low, and decision makers’ inboxes are flooded with canned, generic sales emails from hundreds of other people trying

New! The Next Step In Personality Descriptors

What is the one word that most accurately describes your personality? That’s a tough nut to crack, but it’s one that’s been on our minds. And that’s why you’ve likely seen some changes recently in your Crystal account. We’re committed to building the most

We raised $5M to make personality profiles the new resume

We started Crystal 3 years ago with a simple truth: People are wired differently. Your life is much more productive, connected, and rewarding when you stop fighting the differences and learn to adapt to them. We often refer to these differences as "personality types” or “behavioral styles.” They are

Selling D-I-S-C

Dominant people DISC type: D Quick tip: Get to your point as quickly as possible. Your behavior: Present yourself confidently and make eye contact. If in person, use a strong handshake. Communication: Dominant people love action and challenge. When you are working up your pitch, use as many visual elements

We've made some changes to our pricing

Overview: our free plan now includes a limited number of views per month. Unlimited access to personality profiles for people outside your company is now $29/mo (instead of $49/mo), and we launched a company-wide plan. Please note: your monthly payment will not change if you previously subscribed to