The Dc/Cd Personality Type

How to identify an Dc/Cd

Natural behavior

Dc/Cd's are efficient executors who love to take on ambitious goals and challenges. They are both decisive and analytical, and typically drive forward very quickly to complete tasks with competence. While they can be a strong force to drive change, their high intensity and desire for control over most situations can create conflicts and stress others out.


Dc/Cd's are not particularly chatty and may actually seem reserved at first, but when they have something to say they can be extremely forthcoming, confident, and articulate. They separate emotions from decision-making and relish conflict, viewing it as an opportunity to grow.

Communicating with a Dc/Cd

In person or on the phone

  • Project your voice confidently
  • Speak with a clear, direct tone.
  • Don't use overly descriptive phrases or metaphors.
  • Back up everything with a logical reason.

In writing

  • Limit an email to three sentences or less.
  • Use a direct greeting (example: "Sarah," rather than "Hey Sarah,").
  • State the purpose of an email in the first sentence.
  • Mention only the most important details.

Working with a Dc/Cd


Dc/Cd's are motivated by efficient results, and they can be extremely competitive in achieving their goals. They are logical, focused pragmatists, and when given the choice, they will pursue impressive accomplishments over a wide social circle.

As a Leader

As a leader, a Dc/Cd will run a tight ship, with fast-paced operations, well-organized tasks, clear-cut roles, and strong processes. Although they are not stubborn when presented with new facts, a Dc/Cd leader will typically favor execution within existing structures over experimentation to find new ways.

However, with their intense focus on results, they may ignore feelings of team members, which can unintentionally harm morale and cause conflict or tension. It's important for Dc/Cd's to recognize and place value on others' emotions, even if it doesn't come naturally.

Under Stress

Under stress, Dc/Cd's can become impatient and controlling. Without restraint, they may push others very hard to complete a project on time, or lash out at an individual that makes a careless mistake.

In this kind of situation, a Dc/Cd can be much more effective and preserve relationships with a little bit of cooperation and communication.

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