The Is/Si Personality Type

How to identify a Is/Si

Natural behavior

Those with an Is or Si personality are known for being very social and keeping many friends. They are perceptive and prone to recognizing the positive in people, which then spills over into the way they value relationships before accomplishments. Is/Si's will naturally gravitate towards opportunities to share and teach, and they have a great aptitude for communicating effectively.

This classification is more concerned with feelings than hard facts, meaning they place great emphasis on understanding those around them. Not only are these individuals warm and confident, but they are ready to step in and help with another's problems whenever possible.


Is/Si's are casual, friendly, and distinct in their outgoing approach to life. Because they know how to ask good questions, they are able to easily learn what others are feeling and empathize with what they are going through. These individuals have a patient yet gregarious nature that helps them to feel comfortable with just about anyone.

Communicating with an Is/Si

In person or on the phone

  • Speak with a friendly, welcoming tone.
  • Allow time for small talk unrelated to the task at hand.
  • Point out common connections and interests.

In writing

  • Use expressive, conversational language.
  • Use a casual greeting (example: "Hey Andrew," rather than "Hello Andrew,").
  • Include links and visual attachments.

Working with an Is/Si


In order to feel completely at ease, Is/Si's need to know that they are appreciated, respected, and liked by those around them. They are motivated by this positive attention, in addition to feeling fully accepted through the friendships they form -- especially if those relationships offer a certain level of depth and trust.

As a leader

In a leadership position, Is/Si's will show genuine care and concern for the members of their team. They are empathetic to the extent that they may have trouble separating their emotions from their decision-making processes. They excel when it comes to collaboration, and consistently value relationships over results.

Their greatest strengths lie in communication and understanding, which allows them to operate effectively in both social settings and persuasive environments. Through their patience and persistence they are able to connect with others in order to reach successful outcomes.

Under stress

When Is/Si's encounter a great deal of stress, they often become over-accommodating. Because they find it hard to engage in conflict, when a difficult situation arises they become less active and more passive to the ideas and feelings of others.

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